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Casino tricks – check out the most classic ones

One of the most classic casino tricks is the absence of clocks and windows. This is due to the fact that clocks and windows simply remind the gambler that he has things to do outside the casino premises. However, without clocks and windows, the gambler’s sense of time is not as important as his playing game. That is why, for the casino, the gambler needs to spend his money without worrying about what is going on outside.

That is why this is one of the most classic casino tricks in history. This is due to a historical fact. Since creating the first casinos in the world, it was already thought of not having clocks or windows. The important thing is that the gambler does not care whether it is day or night outside the casino.

Another curious fact that may fall under casino tricks is to know how to convert money into chips or credits. This means that by exchanging money for chips or credits, the gambler will not value and cling to the money as much as he would with his banknotes. Thus, he can spend more freely and without risk to his conscience.

Cheating in casinos

It is not news to anyone that cheating in casinos exists. It has been going on since the very first gambling house opened. Just think of some casino game, and, indeed, someone has already tried to cheat the system to take advantage. But cheating at the casino is a novelty.

One of the most commonly seen casino tricks in the houses are the light games. Upon entering a casino, the gamblers’ destiny is stimulated by a spectacular form of lights and sounds. In a way, this show offers the gambler a false impression that there is always someone winning. Thus, it encourages the gambler to invest more in the belief that at some point, it will be his turn. Similarly, slot machines also emit sounds and lights during the games.

Therefore, the people around do not really know whether the player is winning or losing. However, it is enough to make you want to play even more with this colour and sound stimulus. Thus, spending more money and not knowing whether the next player is really winning or losing.

How the environment works

One of the factors that are little noticed by gamblers during their games is knowing that they are extremely closely watched. Several cameras with zoom systems and facial recognition record everything. All the time. With this, if any cheats try to outsmart them, they are immediately taken to a room.

Therefore, there are even lip-reading specialists in some casinos so that they can check if you are really cheating or not. This is a curious fact. The gambler will never see a dealer wearing a mustache for this very reason so that the security guards can try to identify what he is saying.

Other interesting casino tricks are the environments themselves. The whole place is designed to stimulate gambling. Therefore, there are only chairs at the gaming tables or next to the machines. If you want to sit down, you have to play. The predominant colour in the environment is usually red. Many may not even realize this, but it makes the place cozier and more challenging with this more fashionable colour.

Shows to entice the gambler

One of the main ways to trap the gambler inside casinos, thus fitting as one of the forms of casino tricks, are the shows offered. Many houses create entertainment in addition to the games to make the gambler even more entertained.

Like the fact that many casinos stay together with hotels, to keep the traffic high, they offer everything from business conventions to poker championships broadcast live on television. But one of the main attractions is the boxing matches and artistic performances.

The place is designed for spending

Another interesting issue is the restrooms. If the gambler wants to go to the bathroom, eat something, change chips or even rest, it is a journey to the final destination. Most casino facilities are strategically modified for this purpose.

Usually, these things are in the back of the hall, away from the games and everything. Or often even on a lower floor. During this walk to your destination, you will inevitably pass by several other flashy gaming machines. Thus stimulating you to keep playing.

The idea of casino tricks is to make the gambler spend most of the time inside them playing. So even though the casino offers various sensations, the most logical one is that the gambler almost always has a chance to win.